Thinking Outside The Window

Part I

The Mission Story and My Journey

The First Part of this book basically deals with YESTERDAY.

  1. Do you agree with Paul Borthwick (in his foreword) when he says an old era, approach and vision of missions “is finished”? Why or why not?
  2. Leiton laments that “the International Student Ministry (ISM) movement has been [only] slowly developing in North America since the 1950’s” and submits at least one reason why and several pieces of supporting evidence (including the last comprehensive book on it published as far back as 1997). In your opinion what could be the reasons for such a slow buy-in and catching on of ISM generally and in your own circles in particular?
  3. What new thing did you learn in this first part of the book about the recent history of modern-day missions (since 1910)?
  4. In this first part, Yaw shares his own journey into missions. What has been your own faith journey or God-story?  Have you been able to share it with others? If yes, in what ways. If no, why not?
  5. In what ways have you experienced ‘egos and logos’ getting in the way of God’s Kingdom advancing on earth?


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Part I

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Dr. Yaw Perbi

Part I October 29, 2015