Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 7

Chapter Seven—It Just Makes Sense!

“Open your eyes and look”

  1. Study John 4:35-38.
    1. What did the Lord open your eyes to see from this scripture which you hadn’t really taken notice of before?
    2. What are the parallels between that scenario then and the present; and between the disciples back then and us today?
    3. Can you share a personal experience of something the Lord had to “open your eyes to see” which you would’ve otherwise been totally oblivious to?
  2. Which of the three Cs the author mentions is blinding the Church the most today from seeing the ‘new missionary move’ of God right in our midst: Consumerism, Conception or Culture?
  3. Have you ever heard of the ‘Count for Zero’ campaign by the Issachar Initiative? Will you take up the challenge and take the six-week study with a friend or small group? Go to
  4. Recently (not in the book), author was shocked when a very senior missionary didn’t seem to see the link between the ‘Count for Zero’ campaign and reaching international students in Canada with the Gospel. Do you see the link? Explain.

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 November 5, 2015