Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 6

Chapter Six—“God us on the Move!”

In, on, over, under, around, through, and beyond boxes—even no boxes

  1. Whether from the resounding Cape Town 2010 theme or according to the author, “God is on the Move!” How have you experienced this lately?
  2. What do you make of the author’s statement that God “will do anything and everything within His perfect and holy character to fulfill His purposes”?   Can you support your position with contemporary examples and scriptural texts?
  3. What are some of the reasons for immigration that you know about?
  4. Study Acts 17:26-27. Premised on that scripture, the author asserts, “It is God who determines the migratory movements we see in our world today.” Discuss this phenomenon and why.
  5. Of the over 232 million migrants in the world today, what strikes you about the top 10 destination countries?
  6. What are the categories of people on the move? Of all these, which category are you most aware of in your own context or station in life?
  7. In your opinion, why has there been such an upsurge of the numbers of international students in our world (fivefold increase from 1975 till today)?
  8. The book lists some reasons international students give for heading to Canada in particular. If you have any other reason (or have heard of such) that the writer did not highlight could you place this on the forum on or email it to him (, please? Thank you!

Chapter 6

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