Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 4

Chapter Four—Death Day

My box is crashed and windows smashed 

  1. The C.S. Lewis quote that begins this chapter is apt: ““God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons we could not learn in any other way.” What do you say?
  2. What pivotal event changed the course of the author’s life to focus on mission Dei, God’s mission? Have you experienced anything similar?
  3. The author’s Second-in-Command at the military hospital where he was working said he was a fool. Do you remember why? When it comes to mission, what does the Bible have to say about real fools (Psalm 14:1)? Who is considered wise in Proverbs 11:30 and Daniel 12:3
  4. What is the striking lesson between the way the authors two military colleagues died? When does scripture say is the day of salvation?
  5. Memorize Galatians 2:20. Just how alive are you to your own self (plans, ambitions, desires), to God and His purposes, and to the world around you?

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 November 5, 2015