Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 3

Chapter Three—He said “Go!”

Out of the box

  1. What are the major reasons people want to emigrate from your country and/or in yours?
  2. The author shares his story from Ghana to the global stage; and from medicine into missions. Have you ever felt a tag in your heart to move somewhere else in your city, country or in the world? What about a sense of change of profession? What did you do about it? Why?
  3. Had you been the author and had it all going well for you would you have ‘left it all?’ Why/why not? What is the most precious thing you have had to leave behind to be obedient to God’s call?
  4. The author relates how he heard the Lord say, “It is my world and I send you wherever I want to.” What does this mean to you? How may it apply to you?
  5. Read Genesis 12:1-3. That was Abraham’s marching orders; and the author’s family as well. Why does God do such disruptions? And what is this obsession about blessing all peoples, all nations?

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 November 5, 2015