Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 2

Chapter Two—Africans or Chinese?

Forget the box—the mission has changed!

  1. Missions has changed. How is the author’s state of being “an African to pastor an English-speaking, Chinese Church in a French City in North America!” evidence of this? How have you personally witnessed this change?
  2. What is this shift in “the centre of gravity of Christianity” that came to the fore at Lausanne III? Can you provide ample evidence in your own circles? Which of the examples in the book really caught your eye or gripped your heart?
  3. How do you respond when you hear claiming Christianity is a “Western” religion; or Westerners themselves seem to act like missions is “from the West to the rest?”
  4. Where you live is someone else’s ‘end of the world.’ So if every Christian on the globe were to take Mark 16:15 seriously, what will be the direction of missions?
  5. How do you take it when you get to know of a missionary of Asian, Latinos or African background who is a missionary in the West? Do you feel the same way about Westerners who are missionaries in the East/Global South? Why is that?
  6. On page 39 is a table of Select Countries Sending More Than Five hundred Missionaries. Did you find your country of origin there? Why do you think so? What strikes you most about this table?
  7. Did you know the Quebecois are the most unreached people group in the entire Western hemisphere? Take a moment to pray for them right now.
  8. Do you think God’s picture of a multi-ethnic worship is just for the future in heaven or should be a present reality? Why/why not?
  9. Few ethnic churches (whether Black, Caucasian or Chinese) are able to transition into becoming truly multiethnic. Why is this such a steep climb? Do you know any success stories? I would love to know!
  10. Do you really believe, as J.D. Payne asserts, that immigrants in the West are key to bringing salvation and revival to post-Christian Western world? Why do you say so?
  11. The Lausanne Movement’s slogan is ““the whole Church taking the whole Gospel to the whole ”” Do you find this as ‘pie in the sky’ or an ideal within our reach?

Chapter 2

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