Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven—Strategically Smart!

Out of this world!

  1. Bill Bright’s statement, “Every soul is equally precious in God’s sight, but not every soul is equally strategic,” has been whole-heartedly agreed on by some and totally hated by others. What do you say and why?
  2. The author outlines three key ways in which ministering to international students is “strategically smart.”
    1. Strategic Positioning (geography-wise, stage of life, right city, campus and country, perfect time period, right inner and external conditions etc.)
    2. Strategic Picture window (10/40 frame)
    3. Strategic People

Which of these three do you find most strategic and why?

  1. What touched you most about Kenji’s story?
  2. In an October 2015 Lausanne Asia-Pacific International Student Ministry consultation in Singapore at which the author was a facilitator, friends from the Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN) shared how it has been their experience that their fellow Japanese are 30 times more likely to come to faith in Christ outside of Japan than in Japan. Why do you suppose this happens?
  3. Did you know a lot about the strategic 10/40 Window before reading this chapter? What do you find most shocking about this Window? What breaks your heart most? Do you know someone from this window? How do you relate to him/her? Is anything going to change?
  4. By the end of the chapter had you finally discovered why God clearly said to the author, “I am thinking outside the window”?
  5. According to the author, what constitutes ‘YouthPower!’? Do you believe in ‘YouthPower!’?
  6. Read through the author’s list of presidents and prime ministers who are international alumni. Do an exercise of listing all the prominent heads of state and parliamentarians as well as other non-political leaders (business, academia, arts etc.) in your country’s history? How many used to be international students? Would you agree with the author that today’s international students are “strategic people” who will be the ‘movers and shakers’ of our world tomorrow?
  7. Read Acts 8:1-40. How do you find this encounter of Philip with this Ethiopian eunuch a ‘strategically smart’ God-move in terms of:
    1. Strategic Positioning
    2. Strategic Picture window
    3. Strategic People

Chapter 11

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