Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 10

Chapter Ten—Stunningly Simple

The mission has never been easier

  1. Share with a friend (and post on this website’s forum) one incredible missionary story of suffering and sacrifice you’ve heard/read.
  2. There are still many missionaries in many regions of the world who are suffering terribly for the sake of sharing the Gospel. Why don’t you pause right nowand pray for them.

However, do you get the author’s point about how and why “the mission has never been easier”?

  1. Comment on each of the following six reasons why the author argues that reaching the world that has come to us is “stunningly simple”:
    1. Jesus said go—well, guess what? The nations have come!
    2. Logistically, no passport, no visa, no inoculations needed, no ships or plans
    3. No foreign language study
    4. Financially speaking (there is no more cost-effective way of doing global mission today)
    5. No expertise or experience per se needed
    6. Just Food, Fun, Friends, Fellowship.
  2. Do you recall the author’s visa ordeal? Did you know that even today it is still an issue gaining access to certain countries as an ‘official missionary’ (what some have called “closed access countries” and others have more positively renamed as “creative access countries”)? Name some of these places. What do you think is the way out (or the way in)?
  3. What do you make of John Cudderford’s statement about the pattern of salvation he’s seen regarding international students: “I came for the food, I stayed for the friendship, and I eventually found faith!”?
  4. Recall Russel Conwell’s famous story of the “acres of diamonds”? Is that an appropriate analogy for how the Body of Christ is behaving regarding global missions today?
  5. What more do you think God should do for us to ‘get it’ (this new and awesome mission opportunity right under our noses)?

Chapter 10

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