Thinking Outside The Window

Chapter 1

Chapter One—Once Upon a Window

Of Boxes and Paradigms

  1. Prior to this book had you ever heard the expression “thinking outside the box?” What is your own definition of “thinking outside the box”?
  2. Can you recall one or two major paradigm shifts or ‘outside the box’ occurrences in history apart from the ones mentioned in the book regarding in aviation, athletics and missions?
  3. What personal paradigm shifts have you experienced and how have they changed both your outlook and the outcome of your life?
  4. Yaw says, “First we make our boxes; then these boxes make us.” What do you make of that?
  5. To you, what exactly is Missions? What has been your personal experience with Missions?
  6. What is your understanding of Matthew 6:22-23? How have you seen this scripture play out in your life or that of someone/group you know?
  7. Before reading this chapter, had you ever heard of the Lausanne Movement? Do you recognize the various paradigm shifts that occurred during each major Lausanne gathering (1974, 1989, 2010)? Which of these would you like to discuss or contest with the author?
  8. Take time to read (and perhaps study) the Lausanne Covenant. Go to
  9. What is an “Unreached People Group”? Do you know how many there are in the world? How many are in your country of origin? Go to for assistance.
  10. In 1911 Samuel Zwemer spoke of “unoccupied fields;” Luis Bush literally mapped out the same region in 1989 as “the resistant belt,” now mainly known as the “10/40 Window.” What do you know about this area? How much do you pray for this region? Is there anything you do, today, that invariably makes an impact directly or indirectly on the window?

Chapter 1

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