Thinking Outside The Window

Dr. Yaw Perbi

The Longest Airport Ride February 11, 2016

The date is Monday 8th February, 2016; it is close to lunch time in Montreal. My phone vibrates and the caller ID reveals a familiar name, Sangeeta Guha. Is she OK? It must be 10 in the morning where she’s calling from in Alberta, Canada. I’m so glad I was in a position to pick…

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Shirley’s Faith Journey January 29, 2016

My Faith Journey My name is Shirley. I came to Montreal as an international student at the age of 19 back in the early 70’s. I was a non-Christian at the time. Like most other international students, I lived in the residence and made friends quickly with many other Chinese students, most of them also…

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Chapter 11 November 5, 2015

Chapter Eleven—Strategically Smart! Out of this world! Bill Bright’s statement, “Every soul is equally precious in God’s sight, but not every soul is equally strategic,” has been whole-heartedly agreed on by some and totally hated by others. What do you say and why? The author outlines three key ways in which ministering to international students…

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Chapter 10 November 5, 2015

Chapter Ten—Stunningly Simple The mission has never been easier Share with a friend (and post on this website’s forum) one incredible missionary story of suffering and sacrifice you’ve heard/read. There are still many missionaries in many regions of the world who are suffering terribly for the sake of sharing the Gospel. Why don’t you pause…

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Chapter 9 November 5, 2015

Chapter Nine—Scripturally Sound! Thinking inside the book Why does Nina Gunter say, “If you take missions out of the Bible, you won’t have anything left but the covers”? What is the author’s argument about the Day of Pentecost phenomenon in the city of Jerusalem and today’s global trends in the world’s major cities? Study Acts…

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Chapter 8 November 5, 2015

Chapter Eight—Statistically Sensible! Box or no box, the numbers make sense Are you of the school of thought that ministry/missions is not about numbers? What is the author’s opening argument about the fact that numbers do matter? Read Jonah 4:10-11. Is the Lord concerned about numbers? Why? Do you agree that there is significance to…

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Chapter 7 November 5, 2015

Chapter Seven—It Just Makes Sense! “Open your eyes and look” Study John 4:35-38. What did the Lord open your eyes to see from this scripture which you hadn’t really taken notice of before? What are the parallels between that scenario then and the present; and between the disciples back then and us today? Can you…

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Chapter 6 November 5, 2015

Chapter Six—“God us on the Move!” In, on, over, under, around, through, and beyond boxes—even no boxes Whether from the resounding Cape Town 2010 theme or according to the author, “God is on the Move!” How have you experienced this lately? What do you make of the author’s statement that God “will do anything and…

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Chapter 5 November 5, 2015

Chapter Five—Connecting the Dots Only when you look back Take a moment to reflect on your life journey thus far? Do you see a pattern—even a “method to the madness” of it? In what ways do you recall the author has found this true. Are you, like the author, one who finds “Being still and…

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Chapter 4 November 5, 2015

Chapter Four—Death Day My box is crashed and windows smashed  The C.S. Lewis quote that begins this chapter is apt: ““God allows us to experience the low points of life in order to teach us lessons we could not learn in any other way.” What do you say? What pivotal event changed the course of…

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