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‘Beyond Hospitality’ | Hot off the press! May 14, 2020


Hot off the press! My chapter in this ‘Beyond Hospitality’ publication is entitled ‘Foreign Students in our Midst: From Easy to Strategic Ministry.’ The thesis of this paper is that ministry to international students that does not go beyond easy hospitality to the strategic empowering of these brightest and best as missional leaders falls short of missio Dei.

Beyond Hospitality is a timely book that ass the hard questions about what it means to integrate the outsider and the foreigner into our existing church communities,” says Rupen Das, National Director of the Canadian Bible Society.

‘Beyond Hospitality’ is available for purchase in both hard copies and electronic versions from

I trust this will be a blessing to the wider Body of Christ as we seek to do ministry/mission beyond hospitality.

Glory to God!


‘Beyond Hospitality’ | Hot off the press!

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Dr. Yaw Perbi

Dr. Yaw Perbi is a physician, pastor and president of International Student Ministries Canada, with over 100 staff and 500 volunteers from coast to coast in the second widest country on earth. He is the founder and global CEO of The HuD Group with operations in over a dozen countries. As a medical doctor he has practiced medicine in both his home country, Ghana, and as a military captain with the United Nations Operation in Cote d'Ivoire. Dr. Perbi’s 15 books include titles like YouthPower!, seXsense and Financial Whizzdom. He’s spoken in 22 countries on five continents and has been the toast of media groups worldwide, including CNN, the National Press Club (Washington DC), VOA, CBC and BBC. Yaw currently resides in Montreal, Canada with his dear wife Anyele and four delightful children: Agyina, Ashede, Adwenepa and Ahotew. He owes all this to Christ Jesus.

‘Beyond Hospitality’ | Hot off the press! May 14, 2020